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Private gardens Design

Studio Genius Loci of dr. Eraldo Antonini follows the phases of design, construction management and development of a maintenance plan gardens of all sizes and types (urban gardens, suburban gardens, country gardens, communal gardens), public parks and private terraces in Emilia Romagna, the rest of the Italy and internationally.
The spirit that animates us in designing a garden is to interpret the spirit of place (genius loci).
Our projects are not serial but always different from each other as we try to create a relationship with the environment in which the garden is located and meet the needs of the customer regarding the use of the garden itself.

1. Project
The project design takes into account the needs of the client concerning the activities it intends to play in the garden or on the terrace (sunbathing, dine outdoors, reading, playing games or doing some sports, gardening, orchard family, collections of rare and unusual plants) and budget to create the garden.
The project garden, take into account aspirations and expectations of the customer and technical aspects such as soil characteristics, air temperature, water availability, exposure.
Based on the needs of the property we can choose, for the garden design, plants low-maintenance, that ensure a pleasant aesthetic result and reduce the annual costs of ownership.

2. Project Management
We can help you find the right contractor for your build. As a rule, we recommend that at least two or three competitive quotations are obtained to evaluate contractors capable of performing individual jobs (floors, irrigation system, lighting, swimming pool, planting of trees, shrubs, grass and lawn).
We supervise and oversee the entire process, verifying the quality of the materials provided, and checking that the various processes are performed in a workmanlike manner. This allows you to sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that any queries on the garden design or implementation will be quickly resolved and that all of your expectations will be met..

3. Landscape management and maintenance plans
Upon request we provide information on the maintenance plan to carry out properly and promptly all maintenance works necessary to the harmonious development of the plants.
Provide, upon request, advice for training you or your staff for maintenance (how and when prune, control of major diseases of plants, weeding and its periodicity, irrigation monitoring, periodic visual inspections)