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The StudioGenius Loci of dr. Eraldo Antonini follows all phases of the restoration and preservation of historic gardens in Emilia Romagna, the rest of the Italy and internationally. The restoration and conservation of historic gardens require specific knowledge of the historical evolution of the garden itself, the species used in historical times, to the knowledge of biology and cultivation of plants.
The management of a historic garden requires historical knowledge of the garden and a general plan of "conservation management". Each intervention, even the simplest, is to be implemented by having a broad view historic garden. The broad vision comes from knowledge and action planning to run.

1. Understandig the site (research and analysis), which includes:
  • condition surveys of historic and wildlife features (buldings, constructions, ornaments, gates, paths, plants, planting, water features, etc.)
  • historical study includes archival research, documentary, biographical and bibliographical aimed , history of ownerships and the site's development from its creation
  • botanical census and trees and shrubs inspection, to asses the health condition of each plant, make any recommendations for work required and highlight any problems of structural stability in order to have a garden in security in all its places.

2. Plan of action. Only after you have gathered and elaborated historical knowledge and the relief and the state of conservation of the individual components of the garden we proceed to develop a plan of action such as the conservation, restoration, and eventually reconstruction.
3. Project work with the elaboration of detailed plans and drafting of a bill of quantities aimed at defining the costs that the planned works will.

4. Management plan. The development of a management plan that includes maintenance and possible uses of the garden is of paramount importance in order to preserve the historic garden over time. The historic garden is in fact composed of living material (vegetation) that needs regular care and maintenance.