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Urban Forestry

Since 1996 Studio Genius Loci of Dr. Eraldo Antonini works, in Emilia Romagna, the rest of the Italy and internationally, on the management of private and public green spaces using the most innovative tools on the market thanks to continuous updates on the latest studies.

Tree stability assessment
Tree stability assessment is essential to ensure the safety of public areas, private gardens, historic gardens.
Tree stability assessment is divided into 4 steps:
  • visual assessment: identification of warning signs present on trees
  • instrumental analysis: investigations performed using specific instruments that are able to determine whether the internal tissues of the tree are altered or destroyed, and if the roots are able to counteract the force of the wind or snow load
  • risk assessment
  • estimate of the hazard and recommended actions

Censuses of public green spaces
The census of green spaces, specifically the trees but also the shrubs and herbaceous, is the first step to carry out a program for managing the assets of a green space, a garden, a park, tree-lined avenues, or the entire territory of a municipality . It includes botanical identification of individual trees, the description of the morphometric characteristics (height, width, circumference), the presence of interference, health status, the presence of structural defects and diseases. For every tree is drawn up a sort of "identity card" together with a "medical records". The dataset provides information on the number of plants present, their type, their health status and allows you to define a schedule of maintenance operations, whether ordinary or extraordinary.

Management of trees
Since 1999 we are consultants of the Municipality of Modena and other public administrations in order to resolve problems relating to the management of trees, mitigation, reduction or elimination of damage caused by construction (roads, buildings, underground), identification of new products , techniques and methodologies to improve the living conditions of the trees in the city, the identification of strategies to implement the biodiversity of trees in order to reduce the exposure of the same from any damage caused by environmental stressors and pests, fungal and microbiological processes.

Plans and (or) planting consultations of tree-lined roads, roundabouts, car parks, cycle paths, public green spaces such as gardens, parks, residential green spaces, urban forest.
It including inspections, any historical and bibliographic research, measurements, photographic documentation, identification of species or cultivar to be used and required technical precautions to realizations.